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Sash window specification

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Our products are manufactured from two main types of timber; Southern Yellow Pine and Accoya. The sash windows that we replace are almost certain to be softwood, usually European Redwood. It’s very common for original sash windows to have an age of between 80-120 years and these haven’t benefitted from the modern, more durable coatings available today.

With the evolution of timber treatments and maintained paint systems, our replacement windows should easily last as long as their predecessors.

Southern Yellow Pine is practically ‘knotless’ in its appearance and one of the most durable of the softwood species. It machines very well and once finished is moderately stable in service (unlikely to twist and swell etc.)

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Paint System & Coatings

The paint system is one of, if not the most important stage of manufacturing in terms of the foundation for a long and durable lifespan. The micro porous (water-based) paint system will return 7-9 years coverage before re-coating is required. The porous nature of the paint structure allows the timber to breathe as well as allows moisture out but not in.  

The spray process consists of three main coats; one primer undercoat and two topcoats.  

Our main paint supplier is a Swedish company called TEKNOS; one of the market leaders and innovators in coating technologies.

Aquatop joinery paint is suitable for softwoods, hardwoods, engineered and modified timbers and for application by air assisted airless spray, brush or roller.

Product highlights:

  • Flexible, durable, micro porous protective film
  • Resistant to bacterial, mould and UV attack
  • Dries quickly and resists blocking on storage and stacking
  • 3 sheen levels available in clean white, also in a wide range of satin translucent and  opaque colours
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Subtle Double Glazing

Our subtle double glazed units are made up using some of the latest glazing technology. The most common unit we install measures 16mm overall and made up of a 4mm piece of glass, 8mm gas-filled cavity and a 4mm piece of PLANITHERM TOTAL+ thermal efficient glass.

Our unit configuration is very important to the overall look and reliability of the window. By introducing a warm edge spacer bar and gas filling we can ensure our slimmer units are still able to compete performance wise with some of the much thicker units associated with modern window styles.

In terms of energy efficiency and improving values, our units will increase heat retention by around 30% (slowing down the rate in which heat escapes). Combining our double glazed units with our draught proofing will see overall comfort levels increase dramatically.

Other benefits include; practically eliminate condensation, noise reduction, safely glass and improved security.

If you'd like to find out more about our thermal coated glass please visit their website here.

Ironmongery & Security

Once our timber windows are fully manufactured and complete it is important to use window furniture that compliments and sustains our high quality finish.

We generally favour two main suppliers of ironmongery namely; Croft and Fulton & Bray.

Typical Ironmongery Sets included within our products and services are listed below:

Finishes available: Heritage Brass, Polished Chrome and Satin / Brushed Chrome

Typical box sash window

  • 2 x Traditional Style Sash Lifts
  • 1 x Fitch & Keep / Centre Catch
  • 1 x Set of Insurance Rated Security Barrels
  • 4 x Pulley Systems

Typical casement windows

  • Casement Stay (scaled to window size)
  • Phosphorous Copper Hinges
  • 1 x Mortice Style Casement Handle
  • 1 x Flip Over Security Latch from Yale

French door combinations

  • 1 x Sash Lock Legge & Rebate Kit
  • 4 x Shoot / Star Bolts and Key (Yale)
  • 1 x Scroll Leaver Styled Handles & Key

Bespoke sash windows using the highest quality materials

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