I learned about Esi Tea Tree Oil after several searches on the internet. I realized that it is a product with almost miraculous properties. At the beginning I was looking for a product that would be suitable for all eventualities. Looking more deeply and trying it for myself I realize that Esi’s Tea Tree Oil is actually good for everything!

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Being a food supplement, it can be used often and without major contraindications. Furthermore, being a natural product, when used it does not come into contact with a thousand chemicals. This is thanks to the fact that Esi tea Tree Oil is simply an essential oil. This means that the active ingredient of the tea plant is pure and undiluted.

At the beginning I started using it mainly for small domestic accidents. Nothing, such as burns, small cuts and little more. Over time and talking to other people who use it, I also discovered that it is perfect for many different uses. Just to give an example, I now use it to combat annoying cold sores, insect bites, irritations, acne and even to clean small wounds. In short, it is suitable for any type of external use. I have even heard that it can be used as a spray to relieve colds and fight hair loss. Many people also use it as a food supplement to relieve cold symptoms. In this case I recommend using Esi Tea Tree Oil by mixing it with something. It may, for example, be a good idea to accompany a few drops with honey. This essential oil is very pure and the taste may be unpleasant for some.

Following the advice that you read on various blogs, I started usingĀ tea tree oil cane for other uses as well. You can use it every time you do household chores. By adding just a few drops to the water to wash the floor, to the cloth for dusting or in the laundry, the benefits obtained will be manifold. Esi Tea Tree Oil has in fact anti-mite, disinfectant and helps with odors. Since I discovered that it can even be used in steam diffusers, I can no longer do without it.

In conclusion, I can no longer do without it! This is already the second time I order two to avoid running the risk of running out. Thanks to the hermetically sealed packaging, it can be kept for as long as necessary. Once closed, it retains its qualities for a long time. Highly recommended!

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