One of the enjoyment activities when you visit the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize is to investigate the island by Golf Cart.

Instead of owning autos, island occupants on Ambergris Caye get around the island by Golf Cart, and when you visit it is an incredible method to go through a day taking in the magnificence, sights and hints of the island of Ambergris Caye Belize.

Ambergris Caye is special, and not at all like most other get-away goals there are positively no Car rental organizations on the island, rather you can lease a Golf Cart and utilize that as your method of transportation to get around the island.

In opposition to what individuals accept, you despite everything need to have a full legitimate driver’s permit to work and drive a Golf truck on Ambergris Caye.

Commonly individuals figure they can permit their children take the controls and drive the truck, this is unlawful and will bring about you having issues with the island Police so please abstain from permitting your kid to drive the Golf Cart.

So your all set and have leased your Golf Cart and are prepared to investigate the island.

There are 2 headings to look over, head north of town or South of Town


It is genuine simple exploring as there are just 2 streets driving away one is traveling north the other south. As you head north of town you will rapidly get to the scaffold that crosses the waterway that different’s North Ambergris Caye from South Ambergris Caye. Intersection the Bridge is simple and will cost you $5 Belize dollars cost every way ($2.50 US)

When you are over the scaffold, follow the street and appreciate the perspectives as you pass island homes and see various flying creatures and reptiles. It’s a quiet lovely drive. Truly soon you will see finishes paperwork for the Palapa Bar and flame broil and this is an incredible chance to stop for refreshments.

The Bar is situated on the dock up the stairs, one of the decent things you can do here to chill is hop in the water toward the finish of the dock and snatch an inward cylinder and sit in it and relax. Call up to the bar and they will send down a super cold lager or soft drink in a pail.

As you head further north there will be spots where it can’t and you won’t have any desire to go substantially more further north than Captains Morgan’s hotel as the street can get terrible.

A stop for Lunch is typically all together and an incredible spot to stop is either Capt Morgan’s utilizing it as your last goal or simply pivot and head back to town halting at Legends Burger House which will be situated on your correct hand side in transit back to town.

They offer a wide cluster of scrumptious burgers and it’s a most loved joint for local people on the island.


Traveling south of town is another alternative for investigating the island and south is much more created than the North course. The street is cleared so be cautious about your speed even in a Golf Cart as there will be youngsters and people on foot as you head south.

Another choice for exceptional and fascinating lunch is at the Sunset E&J Funday Rentals Grill situated on the rear of the island here you can appreciate a flavorful lunch or supper and can likewise take care of the HUGE Tarpon that will go to the little dock. Tarpon are a prized Sports angle and can reach more than 200 pounds in weight. It’s an extraordinary encounter and furthermore an incredible irregular photograph opportunity.

Traveling south you will pass loads of resorts and private homes as you head more remote from town, in the long run you will go to the WASA water plant and a major inland lake. This is another spot where you can look at the untamed life anyway you should be somewhat cautious here as you can see the mammoth Salt water Crocodile.

The lake has occupant Crocodiless that live in it and throughout the years a few children have been taking care of them and they have gotten acclimated with people. It is presently illicit to take care of them however you can even now observe them in the event that you keep your eyes open. Sunset is the best time but at the same time it’s the best time for Mosquitoes so make certain to take repellant with you.

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